Everybody is more than welcome to contribute to ruby-ll, no matter how small the change. To keep everything running smoothly there are a few guidelines that one should follow. These are as following:

Editor Setup

Whatever editor you use doesn’t matter as long as it can do two things:

To make this process easier ruby-ll comes with an EditorConfig configuration file. If your editor supports this it will automatically apply the required settings for you.

Hacking on ruby-ll

Assuming you have a local Git clone of ruby-ll, the first step should be to install all the required Gems:

bundle install

Next up, compile the required files and run the tests:


For more information about the available tasks, run rake -T.

Continuous Integration

Two continuous integration services are used to ensure the tests of ruby-ll pass at all times:

Please note that I will not accept patches that break any tests unless stated otherwise.


In case you have any further questions or would like to receive feedback before submitting a change, feel free to contact me. You can either open an issue, send a tweet to @yorickpeterse or send an Email to