Everybody is more than welcome to contribute to ruby-lint, no matter how small the change. To keep everything running smoothly there are a few guidelines that one should follow.

Code of Conduct

The code of conduct (“CoC”) can be found in the file “”. Everybody participating in this project must adhere to the rules and guidelines stated in this CoC.


  • When changing code make sure to write RSpec tests for the changes.
  • Document code using YARD. At the very least the method arguments and return value(s) should be documented.
  • Wrap lines at 80 characters per line.
  • Git commits should have a <= 50 character summary, optionally followed by a blank line and a more in depth description of 80 characters per line.
  • Write a summary of your contribution to the changelog.

Editor Setup

Whatever editor you use doesn’t matter as long as it can do two things:

  • Use spaces for indentation.
  • Hard wrap lines at 80 characters per line.

To make this process easier ruby-lint comes with an EditorConfig configuration file. If your editor supports this it will automatically apply the required settings for you.

Hacking on ruby-lint

Assuming you have a local Git clone of ruby-lint, the first step should be to install all the required Gems:

bundle install

Next up, run the tests to make sure everything is working:

rspec spec # also fine

For more information about the available tasks, run rake -T.


In case you have any further questions or would like to receive feedback before submitting a change, feel free to contact me. You can either open an issue, send a tweet to @yorickpeterse or send an Email to